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Relief Rover deeply understands the needs of relief professionals. We’re a tight-knit relief community, here to help you do your best work.

A message from Dr. Cindy Trice

Remember 2017? Back then, with a single goal burning bright – supporting fellow relief vets across the nation – Relief Rover was just a seed of an idea.

They say solopreneurship is lonely, but the truth is, I was never alone.

You, the incredible people of Relief Rover, joined by the thousands over the past five years! Your suggestions, ideas, every piece of feedback, request, comment, email, article, and interview you shared – that's what nurtured Relief Rover into the vibrant community it is today.

Now, by joining forces with Hound, another software company built on putting people first, we're ready to take things to the next level. Together, we can offer you more resources, amazing technology, and even more career opportunities – empowering you to work how you want and truly love what you do.

Thank you for being the heart and soul of this extraordinary community. We've accomplished so much together, and the best is yet to come!In the spirit of this incredible community, let's keep building!

Cindy Trice, DVM

the relief rover journey

march 2017
the first connection

Cindy connected with a DVM in California and traveled from Florida to cover her leave. The idea to build a platform for relief workers was born.

december 2017
a leap of faith

Cindy embarked on her entrepreneurial journey and began building the Relief Rover software.

july 2018
relief rover launches!

Over 100 relief veterinarians joined Relief Rover when it went live!

february 2019
the first keynote

Western Veterinary Conference invited Cindy to speak about Relief Rover and the benefits of veterinary relief.

july 2019
celebrating 500 vets!

Relief Rover celebrates its first birthday with over 500 relief veterinarians on the platform!

march 2020
celebrating 1K vets!

Over 1,000 relief veterinarians are part of the Relief Rover community.

april 2020
welcome techs!

Relief Rover launches the relief veterinary technician module on their platform.

july 2021

Relief Rover has their first annual virtual Clinic to 5K race and raises over $10,000 for Not One More Vet

july 2022
PrideVMC 5K

Relief Rover has their second annual virtual Clinic to 5K race and raises over $10,000 for PrideVMC.

january 2023
3,000 members

Over 3,000 relief professionals have joined the Relief Rover community!

july 2023
relief rover x hound

Relief Rover and Hound join forces, combining the synergy of their teams and communities to continue supporting the workers of vet med.

december 2023
5,000 members

Over 5,000 relief professionals have joined the Relief Rover community!

april 2024
relief rover 2.0!

Relief Rover, now powered by Hound, releases a new platform connecting relief professionals and employers nationwide.

until the end of time...
always improving

Relief Rover will continue working closely with all of you to build modern, people-centered technology solutions for vet med.

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